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How do you know what really works in leadership? Read this book to find out. Jones bases his recommendations on leading edge brain science and provides a plethora of actionable ideas you can use to become an Activator.

Mark Sanborn

New York Times Bestselling Author and President of Sanborn & Associates, Inc. Author of You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader and The Intention Imperative

A very interesting and insightful read. Jones is an innovative voice in our new world of work. Read it and take your leadership to the next level!

Marshall Goldsmith

New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.


Activators are more than influencers; they are leaders who leverage neuroscience to energize and inspire their people, launching them toward their potential. The most successful leaders of the future will be those who know how to apply cutting-edge, brain-boosting principles to bring out the best in their people. 

Blending contemporary behavioral research and neuroscience, workplace psychologist and leadership expert Dr. Jason Jones, has created an innovative method to boost employee brainpower and performance. In this groundbreaking book, Jones reveals science-based and field-tested techniques that successful leaders have used to inspire their team members to work with greater energy, engagement, and productivity. You too can become an Activator and create a workplace culture where everyone thrives.


  • Understand the brain and how to activate it's greatest energy.

  • Guide employees to discover meaning and purpose in their work.

  • Supercharge team member energy and engagement.

  • Build a culture of trust and collaboration.

  • Spark creativity and innovation.

  • Achieve breakthrough performance and results.

  • Jeremy Edwards

    CEO, Raremark Inc.

    Jason presents a complicated subject matter in an easily understood manner, with immediate and practical implementation strategies. A must-read for everyone looking to communicate better, have more in-depth, stronger relationships, and excel at leading and motivating those around them.

    Maggi Reiss

    President, IDS Publishing

    Dr. Jones is one of the true experts in the field of motivational psychology. The insights found in this book will help anyone become a better leader, colleague, and teammate in an ever-changing and more interconnected world.

    Dr. Ronda Beaman

    Professor, Cal Poly State University

    Jason Jones, a coach, connector and culture cognizant leader shares proven scientific principles with practical application that will light up your leadership and activate your performance. You will lead with more energy, integrity and results, and you will understand what motivates others to do the same.”


    You get 6 resources that will help you implement the principles and tactics in the book!

  • Motives & Values Quiz (MVQ)

  • This quick quiz is a perfect way to better understand your priority motives and values that guide your energy, passion, interest, and behavior. 

  • 76 Brain Activation Tactics

  • A quick-reference list of the 76 brain boosting tactics that are discussed in the book.

  • Motives & Values Profile (MVP)

  • A pen and pencil quick-assessment that leaders can use to profile the motives and values of the people they lead.

  • FRAME Checklist

  • A check-list for the elements of elements to build into your workplace environment to build a healthy and thriving culture.

  • GOAL Coaching Model Quick-Reference Card 

  • Fold this ocument in half and use it as a quick-reference card to help you follow the steps for an effective coaching conversation .

  • My Development Plan (MDP) Template

  • A simple template to help you create your personal development plan to grow as a leader.

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    Jason equips leaders to energize, engage, and activate the best in their people. Dr. Jones is an organizational psychologist, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and executive coach. He has spent more than 20 years studying human motivation, performance, and engagement in the workplace. He is also the author of the book "28 Days to a Motivated Team" and "Activator: Using Brain Science to Boost Motivation, Deepen Engagement, and Supercharge Performance."

    Through his keynote presentations and training workshops, Jason teaches leaders how to activate the natural, internal motivation of others. Utilizing the latest in neuroscience research and gleaning from more than 100 years of motivation theory, he curates it all into interesting and practical articles, books, and presentations that are engaging and entertaining.

    Dr. Jones' client list includes some of the worlds most recognized brands including American Airlines, AT&T, Ericsson, Sonoco, Seagate Technology, and the U.S. Postal Service to name just a few.

    On a personal note, Jason enjoys working on his roadster with his boys and cooking with his daughter. He and his 3 children reside in Dallas, Texas.

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    “Dr. Jones has raised the bar when it comes to activating our greatest potential. Backed by the science but wrapped in the art of dealing with people this book is a must read. You will want to have your highlighter ready because every chapter is filled with information you need to know. Regardless of our title, tenure, or role, this book will help you unlock your Activator skills to help you personally, professionally, and even organizationally.”

    Tony Bridwell


    “Dr. Jason Jones delivers the context for leadership in this insightful look at becoming an Activator. When we take the time to understand who we work with and what motivates us all, we take an important step forward in our leadership journeys. This insightful book will be an excellent addition to any leaders toolkit.”

    Scott Mueller

    SVP, People Midfirst Bank

    "Dr. Jason Jones takes a new look at going beyond traditional employee engagement. His deep research on how employees are activated through brain science will give you an advantage in crafting the right culture. This book will help you understand true leadership by facilitating the success of others.” - Gene Hammett, Best-selling author of The Trap of Success, host of Growth Think Tank, and Executive Coach to CEOs that want to be visionary leaders"

    Gene Hammet


    “Over the past decade, I have had the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Jones on numerous occasions. Jason draws from a deep reservoir of academic preparation, professional experience and possesses a sincere passion for helping people and organizations thrive. This book represents Dr. Jones at his best, taking complex concepts and presenting them in a way that is inspiring, practical and useful.”

    Dr. Nathan Mellor

    CEO, Strata Leadership

    "Activator is a breath of fresh air for leaders who want to grow. Jason provides a simple, but not easy, path to truly deepen the engagement of those I lead. His insights in this book, backed by science, challenged me as a leader while providing a clear path to help me truly understand what motivates those around me. After reading Activator, I realize that I’m not as good at connecting with others as I think I am. A prediction called out in Chapter six of the book. But Jason does not leave you stuck, he provides a path to a journey for continuous improvement…if you’re willing to take it."

    Steve Shoemaker

    President, Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods

    “I always knew that leading people in a caring, trusting, and empowering way produced much greater results than other approaches. Jason shares how this Activator approach is more effective based on the way our brains work. This book provides excellent tactics business leaders can use to motivate their employees to achieve their highest level of performance. This is a must read for managers who want to help their employees reach their true potential” ”

    Jeff Kilpatrick

    CEO, EGW Utilities

    “Imagine using the power of brain science to take your organization to the next level. Let Jason Jones empower you with the latest principles of leadership and help you implement practical techniques to unleash the best in your people."

    Dr. Michelle Adams

    President, Marketing Brainology

    “Take this to heart. This book will help you unleash the best in your people and take their performance to the next level!”

    Paul Stoltz

    CEO, Peak Learning and Author of Grit and The Adversity Quotient.

    “Jason blends the latest scientific insights with practical action steps and stories. With masterful precision, he delivers the most useful book I've seen on this topic."

    Bruce McIntyre

    CEO, Parkinson's Foundation of Oklahoma


    You can find Activator anywhere books are sold, but we have provided direct links below for your convenience. 


    “This book is a must read for leaders and professionals interested in understanding and unlocking the true potentials of others. Dr. Jones leverages cutting edge brain science and motivation theory to provide practical and actionable insights for all leaders and professionals.".

    Mike Reiss

    Vice President, IDS Publishing

    "Jason has crafted a very detailed look at culture and employee engagement in this book. I tend to lead more by feel but Jason brings to light a real structure and explains the science behind the "feel." In found it to be very helpful to understand more about why it works and it will allow me to be more consistent as a leader."

    Frank Smith

    President, Mosaic Personnel Solutions and Driving Happiness at Work

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